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Thursday, July 2, 2015

4th of July Sale! 20 % off everything!

It is time once again to celebrate the independence of this great country! Thank you to all who have fought for our freedoms and who continue to selflessly serve in our armed forces! From July 3-6th enjoy a 20% discount on everything in my TpT store! Have a wonderful 4th of July!

Here a few of my favorite steals!

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I hope you enjoy your new resources!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

We did it again! End of school GIVEAWAY and a FREEBIE!!!!!!

Hello All,

      I know some of you are still in school....hold on you can do it!!!! We are out here in Texas and to celebrate I have started a new series of products AND THE FIRST ONE IS FREE!!!!! I am also giving away my biggest and most popular bundle. "The Ultimate literacy Bundle" is 600+ pages of teacher resources to teach literacy! My new adventure has me creating "Centers for $1.00" These centers focus on a specific concept for the Pre-k, K and 1st classroom. I have listed the first 3 of this series and I have 2 pages full of ideas for more! So grab your freebie and check my store often for many more of these centers to come!
Click on this link to go directly to your freebie!!!! Don't forget to scroll down and enter the giveaway!
Centers for $1.00- St, Sm, Sw

I have listed 2 other centers for $1.00 and added a huge bundle of all of my "go to" resources for literacy instruction. Be sure to check each of them out when you visit my store! Have an excellent summer! Christine

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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Egg Carton Jellyfish-simple project

Hello All, This first year teaching Kindergarten has been amazing! I love it more and more each day. This month we are studying the ocean. We are using each day to study a different creature that the children want to learn about. We start by watching a youtube video and completing a KWL (know, want to know, learned) chart and a Can, have are chart. Once we record our information in our science notebook we draw, paint, create each creature. Today we had fun making an egg carton jellyfish. This was so simple yet fun. It took some fine motor skills and a few supplies but the kids were having so much fun swimming their jellyfish throughout the room, they even took a little time to "sting" each other. Not maliciously of course! It was great fun, I hope you find time to make some of your own!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sight word freebie, ideas and more Dyslexia Worksheets!

Hello All, Today we had so much fun with our sight word from my freebie Snowflake Slap. First I laid out all of the snowflakes on the carpet. If the child could read me the word they could keep the card and crumple it into a snowball. Once all of the words were read and squished I told the class we could have a snowball fight! It was such great fun that we took our "snowballs" into another kinder classroom and attacked them. As the kids threw the sight word snowballs we made more snowballs and threw them into the crowd from leftover paper. It was great fun! Once we settled back into our classroom we placed all of the snowballs into a bucket and each child pulled a word. If they could read it they recorded it on the left side of the worksheet below, if they couldn't read the word they recorded it on the right. The ones most did not know were pretty consistent so I know which ones we need the most work on. So hop on over the TpT to grab your free copy of Snowflake Slap and have yourself your very own snowball fight!
I have also added several worksheets to my Dyslexia Worksheet Packet.

 I am having great results with it at home and in the classroom. Seeing less and less reversals overall! If you own it go redownload it to get the extra pages, if not grab it while it is only $2.00! (48 worksheets!)
Till next time,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Time for a Valentines Day FREEBIE!

Hello All, I have just made my Dollar Store Centers free in my TpT store. I have found the dollar store to be an invaluable resource for classroom centers. If your local dollar stores are as great as mine you will have no problem finding the basic tools needed to use these center ideas. Do you like to have your students use bags or make mailboxes? This year I have a parent donating tin mailboxes with the children's names on them. I think they will be super cute! In years past I have done love notes where the parents write their kiddos a little note at the door for me to read them each morning leading up to Valentines day. I also have enjoyed having parents "sneak" me a teddy bear and a card to greet their child the morning of Valentines day and then having a teddy bear picnic. Since I have moved to Kindergarten at the same school I can't very well steal the Pre-Kindergarten activities so I am looking for some new favorites to make traditions out of in Kindergarten. What are your favorites? Do you have any activities that have been successes or failures? I would love to hear from you. Enjoy the freebie, use the link below to download!
Dollar Store Centers for Valentines Day
Dollar Store Centers for Valentines Day: 14+ centers